Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn currents

The clouds are moving more rapidly now.
With every breath, the trees lose more leaves...they float aimlessly down into the rapidly flowing river.
Autumn in Cotter.
So many much evidence...

The mighty touch of God Himself
visible once more...
handiwork that He alone
upon the land may pour!
So many colors in the sight--
and changing constantly!
And in the midst of such delight
His Presence is to be!

He walks along the river and
He listens to my prayer.
He takes my hand, knowing fully
every single care!
He laughs with me and smiles as
I share with Him delight.
My God, He is emotional,
and not a thing is trite!

So very loving and so real
is my Father God
even as I raise my voice
His wonders to applaud!
Even as I spend my afternoon
with Him out here
admiring His mighty touch
so real and so severe!

So absolutely glorious...and yet so silent?  No, all creation sounds off in adoration of God and the incredible beauty He creates!!

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