Friday, October 30, 2015

Take note!!

Again, just open your eyes and behold

The glory yet once more!
Just walk outside the door
and see his mighty touch!
O give Him glory much!

The many shades of autumn--
how many of us caught 'em
as we walked out the door?
Then try it one time more!
For God has ordered so
the seasons that we know,
the colors that abound...
have God you even found?

The glory yet once more-

the whisper and the roar!
Let no more moments pass
that, such, you let surpass!

God is so good.
God is so artistic.
God is so generous to share His goodness and artistry with us whenever we would take notice!  O take ye notice and glorify Him--Him Who deserves ALL the glory!

Monday, October 26, 2015


Drive south down 201.
Take 126 west about three miles.
Go up the hill, pull over and see

So beautiful, the carpet of October--
an open canvas unto Father God!
He takes a brush and wields it with abandon,
at which the vision and the voice applaud!
See the time of year it is by looking,
know the time of year it is by feel;
know the ONE Who causes it to happen,
and know His purpose is not to conceal!

So beautiful again the times,
so beautiful, Creator!
See the same and give HIM glory-
there is no one greater!

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon drive!  How incredible, the view which changes as the sun retires!  Autumn in Mtn. Home.  "Thank You, Father God!"

Saturday, October 24, 2015


So thankful for God!
He is always available.  No matter what time of day.
He will never move away.  Even though friends and family may relocate, Jesus is ALWAYS with you!
Even when we go through times of not hearing from loved ones, Jesus understands us...cares about it...listens to us...and responds.

So many that we love so much
seem oh so far away.
We know that we shall see them, but
so distant seems that day!
The telephone suffices some,
but not like face-to-face;
Jesus knows this and allows us
to partake of grace.
Jesus understands and He
is always at our side,
especially when loneliness
may seem intensified!
He knows our each emotion and
He knows just what to do;
He is a Friend at all times and
His friendship is so true!

Loved ones near and far, but He
puts others in my life
to join me as I celebrate
or strengthen me in strife!
Jesus--great and mighty God--
the most concerned also;
He knows my life completely and
He will not EVER go!

You may think that you are alone there.  Even as you read these words, I know that some of you are having these very feelings.  Try not to let them take root!!  Jesus is right there and waiting to hear you.  He wants to listen.  He wants to be with you.
Please let Him.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn currents

The clouds are moving more rapidly now.
With every breath, the trees lose more leaves...they float aimlessly down into the rapidly flowing river.
Autumn in Cotter.
So many much evidence...

The mighty touch of God Himself
visible once more...
handiwork that He alone
upon the land may pour!
So many colors in the sight--
and changing constantly!
And in the midst of such delight
His Presence is to be!

He walks along the river and
He listens to my prayer.
He takes my hand, knowing fully
every single care!
He laughs with me and smiles as
I share with Him delight.
My God, He is emotional,
and not a thing is trite!

So very loving and so real
is my Father God
even as I raise my voice
His wonders to applaud!
Even as I spend my afternoon
with Him out here
admiring His mighty touch
so real and so severe!

So absolutely glorious...and yet so silent?  No, all creation sounds off in adoration of God and the incredible beauty He creates!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It happened again!

I was in a restaurant today and was part of something beautiful.  A lady tapped me on the shoulder, handed me some money and asked if I would use it to pay for a family she saw in line once she left!

How wonderful to care for someone
based on 'need' alone;
to reach out with a helping hand
to one who is unknown.
I see it more and more as I
would stealthily observe--
more and more become we just
like Christ Who came to serve!
I see it in so many who
will give until it hurts;
other hearts think not at all
what may be 'just desserts!'
'Genuine' is visible,
and beautiful also!
'Genuine' meets the pressing need,
(and some we may not know!)

Wonderful to serve...
wonderful to care...
wonderful is Jesus Christ;
His life--our works to bear!

In spite of the news we hear each day, there is still 'good' in the world, and God is still moving.  How wonderful His moves are when we allow Him to break out of the box we put Him in!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One in Christ

In the past few days, we have seen or spoken to quite a few people that we haven't seen in awhile.  A common bond brought us together: to pray for a dear one who is having some medical problems. 

How wonderful when people act in love,

especially when 'genuine' the same!
'Neighbor' comes to mind in definition;
One defined it--Jesus is His Name!
Every one of us need one another.
That requires being 'neighborly.'
Some are better at it than some others.
With each attempt, though, more successful we!

How wonderful when people walk in Spirit.

In doing so, we put ourselves to use!
God will put us where He wants to put us
if, to the Spirit's moving, we stay loose!
God, He has so many uses for us--
are we willing to move when He says "Go?"
Stay genuine to God then one another;
in your life such truth will surely show!

The Word talks about "walking in truth."  The longer you do it, the less you will have to 'attempt' it.  It will become second nature!  I promise you, the world recognizes whether or not you are genuine.  It is more obvious than some want it to be.

The person in this poem is having complications from surgery.  At least 15 churches are involved praying for him and his family.  Genuine, heart-felt prayer.
How wonderful it is when we all act in love.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Them that trust

God is so good!  He is so loving, kind, generous and merciful to them that trust Him to be their Savior!

Praise God!  O great Provider He

in every part of living!
O worship Him with all you are,
He gives and keeps on giving!
Give to Him all that you can,
you cannot out-give God!
But know that, as you do, this world
will think of you quite odd! that your wealth is based
on what you give away? that communication

is more than what you "say?" so many other aspects

of this fleeting life...
Odd...for believing in One Who
delivers from all strife! is the writer that

you're reading even now!
I cling to that Provider God,
and such to be my vow!
I know that He takes care of me,
I know He always will,
and I will praise His mighty Name
the end of age until!

And it is my desire that you would depend on Him, too!  He is able to support me AND you...and you...and you...and...EVERYONE WHO TRUSTS IN HIM!  Give Him that chance.  He is more than able!


Monday, October 19, 2015


Once again, the yearly dilemma of a writer: how many colors has Father God used to change the season.  How many shades are there to autumn?  How many dare ask Him?

The glory once again appearing

in the massive view!
Wonder be developing
in the depth of hue!
From the crest of Mtn. Home
the hills roll on and on...
the handiwork of Father God,
this morn to rest upon!

Stop!  Today will happen later.

Take a moment now
for to behold His glory--make
your schedule allow!
is the vision of
the very moving of His hand--
He does so out of love!

Autumn...what a gift from God

to any who accept!
Just look ye out across the land
and see where He has stepped!
Give Him glory for the glory
flowing from His hand;
He is worthy of all praise
arising from the land!

God is so good.  God is so artistic.  God is so ___________!!  There is no way this side of Heaven for the writer to accurately fill in that blank.  I must only thank Him for it and revel in it.

Join me, won't you?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jesus. The ONLY Way!

Jesus is...the Truth, the Life, the Way.
And He is that "life" in truth and love!  Truth and love...multiplicity! 
Walk in TRUTH.
LOVE one another.
Go, make disciples!

Jesus!  Jesus Christ, and only
Jesus--God's Own Son!
Following and loving Him
affirms His will be done!
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way--
Jesus, He is all and He'll be
for eternity!

Jesus, Jesus--all for Jesus
and for Him alone!
You call that "intolerance?"
O tell that to The Throne!!
For there are things men practice just
because it is their "right,"
But God Himself calls it "immoral!"
And He's ALWAYS right!

Jesus, Jesus--there are things
He will not tolerate.
He loves you, but there is a day
this life to compensate.
His mercy and His grace abound
before that awesome day,
with every opportunity
to choose Him as your Way!

Jesus.  Merciful Jesus!  No matter your station or belief, He loves you!  He wants your belief to be in Him as Savior.  So many "other" ways abound, and more and more each day.  That's why He gives you so much time to turn to Him.
Today is a wonderful day to proclaim Him as your Savior!  It is impossible for us to know just how many more opportunities we have.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

White River morning

Saturday morning.  Early.
Walking along the banks of the river.  I can't believe how high and fast it is today!
The river is framed this morning by the palette of autumn.  One at a time, the leaves let go and jump into the water.  On occasion, a gentle breath will cause them to let go in number, all to land on the rapidly moving face of the water...only the beginning of their final journey.
Autumn on the White River.  Cotter behind...Buffalo City all along the way.  God's incredible creation!
The leaves are not the only busy ones.  Trout are jumping also...constantly!  I brought a pen, though, instead of a pole.  I'm here to catch words...

The current appears perilous

going 'round the bend!
The gentle and the fragile, they have
no way to defend.
How to photograph it all
with letters, words and verse?
Graphically to capture all
the river would immerse!

Such is not at all the norm-

tranquility should be!
The same remaining fascinating
unto such as we!
How to tame the verses and not
let the current rule?
It takes more discipline than I
obtained in writing school!

Why temper, though, the words of God's

incredible creation?
But give Him glory for the same
and make it celebration!
So wild and so wonderful-
the power of the White!
So original, my God,
for in Him I delight!!

Delight yourself in God as you behold the wonder of His handiwork!  Do not limit Him, because, I promise, He will break out of ANY box you put Him in!  Only behold Him and let your heart sing out His praise!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Unchanging God

Wonderful, glorious, marvelous God!  He makes all things beautiful!  Only He can take the situations that this life creates and bring something good out of them.
Have you discovered that yet?

Again, again, I do not understand!
This thing that won't fit in my hand!
But God, but God is fully in control,
and He will guarantee His sovereign goal!

This thing that is, for it is known to Him.
And though my attitude may rise and dim,
God, He changes not; He will not fail!
His purposes and plans, they shall prevail!

So many things are happening around.
I must remain secure and on the ground!
I can only do that in His arms.
He will protect and keep me from all harms!

Just the other day I wrote about not being able to understand.  Yet again today there are things happening in this place and in others' lives that are still impossible for us to grasp!  But that's what God is for!  His arms are open wide toward us.  RUN TO HIM!!  Give Him those situations and He will replace them with His peace!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Perfect care

What is it like to be cared for by Someone Who is "perfect?"  Well, one thing you will never hear is "I'll love you more if you will ____________"

"I know You care for all the cares

affecting such as we,
but of the 'insignificant,'
o God, how do You see?
We put such import on this life
and what amounts to naught;
I'd rather spend it on Your heart
and all that You have got!

There is so much that's happening

to everyone at all.
Can I affect, Lord, anyone
and so enhance Your Call?
Is that why they are on my heart
as I go through the day?
O touch them in the things I do
and in the things I say!

You are God--so caring and
so loving unto all!
And You are God--so merciful,
so hearing of each call!
There's no one 'insignificant,' Lord,
in Your perfect sight;
and each of us containing worth
as, in You, we delight!"

God is so perfect and so caring.

You may be thinking otherwise as you read these may think completely opposite as you go about your day...but I promise you, God loves you more than anyone or anything else does!  He does not base that love on how good or bad you are...what you have or have not done...His love is perfect, and it's almost impossible for us to understand!  For we must only accept it and live in it!  He will do the rest.


Oh, the liberty in confessing "I do not understand!"
How liberating it is to know that God is in control and I don't have to have it all figured out, or help him figure it out!
Are you plagued by that?  You don't have to be!

"I do not understand, oh Lord,
what makes me feel I must?
When I attempt to comprehend
do I insult Your trust?
You're wiser, Lord, than ANY man
and greater than the same!
So much remains too deep for me
but not for Your great Name!
Freedom is there, ah Lord God,
releasing all to You;
especially the trials, Lord,
that come into my view.
YOU decide what I should know
about the things that are,
and resting in Your arms will make
my health go very far!

I do not understand, oh Lord,
and some things I cannot!
I must reside unto the fact
that ALL THINGS You have got!
For You take perfect care of me
now, then and always,
and, from the shelter of that care,
to You will I sing praise!"

No matter what is going on in this life, God is aware of it.
No matter what is going on in your life, God's got it!
No matter how bad it looks, we must cling to the fact that God is in control and it WILL work together for our good according to His Word, whether we understand it or not!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What a mess!

Just turn on the up the newspaper...listen to the radio...really?  What about looking in the mirror?

What a sinful mess, oh Lord,
this world has become!
You've given to us everything
and look now at the sum!
That which You have made as 'perfect'
men have deemed 'corrupt;
yet, Lord, when we have turned to You
You've come and You have supped.

No matter, Lord, how far I stray,
Your love, it reaches yet.
So perfect--rein so merciful
it never can forget!
It knows the sin that I have done
but it cannot recall?!
I do not understand, oh Lord,
but I surrender all!

Give ear unto my prayer, I cry,
extend Your grace to all.
E'en them that turn their backs on You
that need You most of all!
I KNOW that You, Lord, are sufficient
even for this mess;
lead us, oh God, to each repent
so You will always bless!"

I read the words of David in Psalm 17 and I realize that the older that Book gets, the more solid becomes The Truth that it is!
"Lord Jesus, I repent.  Please forgive me."

Monday, October 12, 2015

The man

There is a battle going on.
If you are not aware of it, then pray for those who are, because I guarantee they are praying for you!

There stands the man--God's chosen one--
He needs our prayers always!
He listens to our aches and pains,
then teaches us to praise.
Advising and encouraging
according to God's plan;
due God's undying love and grace
for us there stands the man!

There stands the man--God's anointed--
with a word in season.
Somewhere in his sermon we
may glean an hidden reason
spoken to us through a man,
revealed, though, in spirit.
There stands the man with a message--
how many will hear it?

There stands the man--o pray for him
each day and often, too!
Knowing that he talks to God
each day and often for you!
O pray for him!  He is a warrior,
and the battle rages!
That man, for he belongs to God
and, fully, he engages!

The man.  What man?  That one that stands in the pulpit...faithfully...week after week telling us what God has told him to say.
There is a battle going on.  It goes on around us and in heavenly places!  That man needs our prayers to be able to stay in touch and keep us abreast of the tactics that abound!
Pray for your pastor.  Pray for your priest.  They need it more than you can know!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Early in the Sanctuary.  Two people present.  One with a pen, and one with a collar...

Watching him, the service to prepare.

Every element be done with care;
each utensil in its proper place;
so alive--the glory and the grace!

Is it only that I'm watching 'one?'
Does it matter that he is my son?
Called into the service and ordained?
The heart of God, there, in that man, contained!

Touched already by the service here.
"Train up a child..." full-circle and so clear!
God Most High inside this holy place--
in my son--and due alone God's grace!

To everyone reading this: PRAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!  No matter how young they are, God honors those prayers!  Debby & I had no idea what they would become, but we've prayed for our kids from even before they were born!  And God, faithful God, heard and answered those prayers!  And you know what?  We STILL pray for them!  They are such a blessing, and God is ever-faithful!


I cast my cares on Him Who cares,
Who cares for even me!
He's greater than the issues that,
so clearly, I can see.
He is above the controversies
in this world so rife!
He is Jesus.  He is love.
He is abundant life!

"The issues that affect this world
are temporary so.
Some men thrive on controversy;
God, they do not know!
I must exemplify the love,
the true love that You are!
A hug, and not an argument,
will go so very far!"

I cast my cares on Jesus Christ,
He cares for even me.
He cares that I share His great love
with everyone I see!
Regardless of their 'then' or 'now,'
no matter their belief,
that I example Jesus to them
is so very chief!

So very busy are them that major in argument.  Unfortunately, some are even busy with such inside the church.  But God would have it not be so!!  The devil started it!  All the way back in the Garden, Satan asked "Hath God really said....?"  We must cling to The Truth today more than ever, as there are so many lies attempting to sway even the very elect!


Friday, October 9, 2015

Living Rite!

Early in the House.
The servants are busy preparing for the crowds.
The staff has already joined hands and spent time in necessary preparation there...then there is something striking: as the candles are lit on each side of the elements, the words flow...

Life between the candle lights:
the Body and the Blood.
Living symbols of The Living--
step into the flood!
Jesus--so alive as we
partake of Him, and oft;
the constancy of Christ the Light:

Jesus Christ the living Light--
the Body and the blood!
O throw yourself into His grace
and step into the flood!

The holy rite of Communion.  Don't let the ritual of it lose its life and become mere 'ritual!'  Know it as the Life that it is and take it often with the awe and spectacle that it contains.  The awe and spectacle that Jesus Christ, the LIVING Lord, is!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Building

In a very old part of town there stands an unassuming building.  Something happens there every day, but it is best known for what goes on there on certain days...

Traffic going by...the building stands;
almost as if it's holding out its hands;
reaching unto all that passes by...
but will He let the living building die?

That which once was vibrant and anew
now is but an item in the view?
The building, though, continues to invite...
o come into the building...SEE THE LIGHT!

O but come into the building so alive!
God, He celebrates as you arrive!
He welcomes you as if you've long been lost;
yes, for YOU He has paid the dearest cost!

Traffic going by...and life abounds.
Jesus Christ--He is the sights and sounds!
Therefore, the building, it remains so living,
due those within, so loving and so living!

Do you know where that building is?  You probably drive by it every day.  How very fortunate, however, are them that stop by and become part of the very life that it is!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I run to You!

Life can pursue you and overtake you...if you let it!
There is so much going on in this life that we can get involved in...and even that increases daily!  There is so much in this life that we can get involved in...without even trying!
Ah, but I know a place to go.  He is my Escape..

"I run, O God my King, I run
unto Your arms so wide!
You take me in and shelter me,
for I am safe inside;
You show to me the path of life,
the same do You ordain;
You will not ever leave me, Lord,
regardless of the pain!

I run to You, my living God,
and You supply my need!
Beside You is my great assurance
nothing shall impede!
Not a thing shall take my life,
You number all my days;
though "things," they will affect my life,
You evermore amaze!

I run to You!  My heart is glad,
my glory to rejoice!
In the shelter that You are,
o God, I raise my voice!
And so will I forever as
I join You in that Place
where YOU provide security
due Your amazing grace!

I run to You.  For in You is
protection evermore.
You love this man forever, Lord,
and my soul You adore!"

Don't forget about Jesus!  He is that Rock and Refuge that this world cannot touch.  Escape to Him often!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The First Night

Upon arrival, we were blessed to be able to sit on the porch and behold...nothing?  The only lights were the stars and the lightning...the only noise was the bugs and the animals...
Boring to some; exciting to others:

Silence in the hills,
motionless at last!
Finally to savor Him
and not at all too fast!
Listening to what He says,
knowing I am heard;
for even in the silence is
the glory of The Word!

The glory of The Word
throughout creation heard!
No thing could ever be
lest it be known by Three.
And known is everything!
Creator God creating;
life is celebrating!

Silence in the hills--
the eyes can hear the thrills!
O join the celebration
and know ye pure elation!

Exciting indeed!  For there is one thing that must be done, (and, for some, it takes great effort!) one must often get alone with God somewhere where there is NOTHING to distract.  Though the trip was quick and the week was quite busy, the night spent in those Kentucky hills was quite refreshing.
Thanks Pam.
Thank You, Father God!

Monday, October 5, 2015


What a wonderful trip!  We made plenty of memories, but it sure feels good to be back home! 
This trip, however, it seemed like it took forever to get there!  I did, though, capture some of the scenes from the passenger seat...

Silo in the meadow

defiant of its age;
giving break from boredom and
excitement to the sage!
Miles and miles of nothing?
"NO WAY!" the pen cries out!
Miles and miles so opportune
for me to write about!

So much land yet undeveloped-
'tis a fading sight.
To the dreamer, pen and paper
what a great delight!
The intermittent whisper and
the hardiest of bird-
they, the only sounds that,
in this place, be even heard!
Oh, and that great length of metal
on those endless tracks...
listen to each one at length
and, for sure, relax!

Out here in creation-
the Father's very hand.
Oh savor His great evidence
upon the open land.
Beauty like no other,
glory, grandeur, peace;
that silo in the meadow-
His evidence release!

That silo in the meadow--the only sign of industry for miles...for hours!  But God is there in His fullness and that makes such a trip all the more wonderful!