Saturday, September 5, 2015

Too many situations

How has your day gone?  (Or 'how has your night gone?')  More and more, the enemy is trying to take all he can, because he knows that his time is limited!  Therefore, he will do all he can to steal the joy that Jesus is inside of you.

Too many 'things' to make my joy

to disappear today...
too many 'voices' causing detours
from the Narrow Way...
too many situations risen
enticing me to quit...
but I will listen, I will stand fast,
I refuse to quit!
But that not of my self, for Christ
arises deep in me!
It is He Who will press on
that I'll see victory!
These 'situations,' they are daily
in this fleeting life,
but clinging unto Jesus Christ,
it will abate their strife!

Too many situations...but
it shall be to the end!
I must depend on Jesus Christ--
Only with Him living deep
will I obtain the prize,
and so reside with him forever
there, beyond the skies!

Has life grabbed you by the throat and demanded payment?
Has the day-to-day become so much that you want to run and hide?
RUN TO JESUS!!  You don't have to run very far, because He is right there beside you and He has all that You need to recover and prosper!
Run to Jesus.  Simplicity.  Escape from "too many situations!"

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