Sunday, September 6, 2015

The House of God!

Sunday morning.  LIFE ALWAYS!
After a few days in the world, I need a place to go to refill, restore, refuel.  The House of God is that place!  For here, I can find

The glory of the King-

o hear all living sing!
The majesty of God-
o hear all life applaud!
The Spirit in His all-
react ye to His call!
The Trinity in whole-

And there is not another to

so stimulate my heart!
Of all this temporary life
He is the greatest part,
loving me, leading me,
healing...filling all!
There is nothing greater than
responding to His Call!!

The glory of The King-

Rejoice, rejoice, my heart,
His fullness to impart!
O take His life from here
let all the world hear
the glory and the grace
that He is in this place!

The House of God.  The filling station!  Sometimes, it's not even a "building!"  Wherever it is, go there and be with Jesus!  He will make sure You are filled and ready for the days that follow!


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