Monday, September 21, 2015

That Blessed Avenue

I think one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the PRIVILEGE of communicating with Him.
However you do it, NEVER take it for granted!

Once more to bow my head to raise

my arms unto The King!
Again, my heart and soul, unto
Lord Jesus Christ to sing!
Again to know my prayers rise
and each of them be heard!
Again communing with my God
according to His Word!
Such beautiful communication
with my bestest Friend--
for we have a relationship
that will not ever end!
The love He has for me is greater,
yes, than ANY known!
He looks at me...He smiles at me...
He says "You are My Own!"

Once more to fold my hands as I

am held inside His own!
Though I direct it Heavenward
I know I'm not alone.
For He is right here with me, hearing,
and responding, too;
that dialogue with Father God--
what blessed avenue!

Take advantage of that privilege often!  It doesn't have to be at a specific time.  It does not have to last for a specified time.  He even gives us the liberty to say what's on our heart!  That's how much He wants to hear from you!

Don't let anything hinder that special time!

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