Wednesday, September 16, 2015


He has so much vested in you.  He gave His very life for you, and He wants to see you succeed.
He wants to hear you sing, regardless...

He is love, He is more,

He is everything!
He is The Song I have inside
that's making me to sing!
He is that melody persisting
even through the worst;
He is that blessed song that never
has to be rehearsed!

There be no rehearsing because
He is always new!
Love and more and everything
and all for even YOU!
Regardless situation,
no matter the event,
yesterday, today, forever-

He is love, and He is
accompaniment always!
Give to Him your love, your time,
and give to Him your praise!
He will give to you His arms
and never let you go!
He is JESUS--everything
about you does He know!

He is JESUS!
Aren't you glad that God Himself has so much interest in you?  No matter what you have matter what you are matter what needs to be, He loves you and wants to direct your steps so that you will know success.  In fact, His Word says that He rejoices over you with singing!!
Please don't refuse Him!

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