Monday, September 7, 2015

Same place, same thing?

Monday once again. 
A brand new week.
Same old problems?

Here we go once more...
the whisper and the roar...
the first day of the week-
I am strong...not weak!
This life is filled with all.
And, still, there is His Call.
We hear it and react,
and there's no turning back...

Here we go once more.
"That girl might be a whore..."
"that guy might be a thief..."
yet both need Christ's relief!
I am no better, though.
My sins one may not know;
but I need Christ as well.
(I bet you couldn't tell!)

Here we go once more.
Life is out that door,
and living WILL include
the ones that most exclude!
"O use me, Lord of Love,
to help all rise above
and glorify Your Name-
Your very life to claim!"

Monday once again.
A brand new week.
Still there are people out there, and people right here, that need Jesus.  Am I going to let the things that they say/do/believe stop me from sharing Life with them?
Absolutely not!

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