Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ONE Way!

Where we cannot see there is a land.
And things go on there we can't understand.
One is there Who's over and above,
and He has for us an undying love!
A love that sees and acts like not another;
a love that is much closer than a brother;
a love that lets us learn from our mistakes;
a love that prearranges awesome breaks!
For in that land that we can't see at all,
that One has set a date for one and all-
a moment when our time on earth shall end.
The question lingers: will our souls ascend?
For that land, replete with every perfect thing
is for the ones who, unto Jesus, cling!
He has their names inscribed inside a book.
Is your name there?  Dare you to even look?
O give your heart to Jesus even now!
Seal ye quickly His salvation vow!
That paradise is closer than you know,
and, with Him in your heart, you'll surely go!

Jesus, ONLY Jesus, life eterne!
Serving Him--each day there's more to learn!
Every day is sweeter than before,
as we look forward to life evermore!

Won't you join me in that Heaven realm?  There is a place there designed for only you!  God knows you better than any other, so He knows just what to put there for you!  Yes.  He loves you that much!

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