Friday, September 4, 2015

Latter Days

O the Name of Jesus!
O the mighty Presence of Him!
The only victorious way to live this life!

Sweetest is the voice of Him
who's ever known my name!
Wonderful is His assurance
"You are why I came!"
And so rewarding is the calling
each of us have got!
Blessings even in this life
has such a calling brought!

O listen to the voice of Him
this world would ignore.
For its reward--it is already,
ours is yet in store!
So many wonders yet awaiting
them that do belong!
That sweetest voice for to inspire
such a living song!

The sweetness of His voice I seek
as I behold the day...
those promises I reach out for
instead of this world's way!
More narrow as the days go by,
more wicked be the heart...
"Even so, come quickly, Jesus!
Lord, how great Thou art!!"

Stand fast, ye child of God! 
Stand firm, ye chosen people!  We don't even have to turn the news on anymore to see how wicked this world has become, some of us only have to walk out the front door!  Do go out that door, of course, but do so bathed in prayer!

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