Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's painful!

Yesterday was a long week.
Last night was an even longer day!
Looking back, a few thoughts arise...

In the silence...In the darkness...

in the valley long...
there be no one that will listen
to whatever's wrong?
Not at all!  For in the valley
be His presence rife!
And in His Presence there is light
and there's abundant life!
Yes, in the valley of my loss
alone I never be.
One is there to hold my hand
and even holding me!
He knows the pain of living!
He knows the pain of loss!
He knows because He bore it all
upon a lonely cross!

I hear Him in the silence,
I feel Him in the dark;
and He has every answer that
arises on my bark!
His arms, they are stability
in this unstable life...
even when the pain of loss
is cutting like a knife!

It hurts.  Again!  But it doesn't cripple because I know the One Who can understand and alleviate the pain!  I have to let Him. 
That involves trust.
That involves letting go of something and grabbing hold of Him!
His Name is Jesus.  He understands fully...even and especially when we do not.

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