Saturday, September 19, 2015


Life gives and takes, but there is hope...
Health comes and goes, but there is hope...
Situations rise and fall, but there is hope...

There is hope!  There is promise!
There is Paradise!
There is Jesus Christ the Lord
to much more than suffice!
He has all you ever need,
in fact, He IS Hope!!
The power of His Holy Name
enables you to cope!

Are you lacking hope?  Is there
no good that you can see?
Look up!  Cry out His Name and He
will bring the victory
He knows exactly what it takes
to elevate your heart
once again, encourage and
to set you far apart!

Yes, there is hope!  There is purpose,
yes, and just for you!
He is for you, not against you;
you WILL have your due!
Sing to Him!  Cling to Him
and never let Him go!
Jesus Christ--blessed Jesus--
living hope to know!

I have no way of knowing what all of you are going through all the time, but Jesus knows!
I can listen to your heart and pray with you and that may bring a little hope, but only Jesus provides the kind of HOPE that changes things.  Let Him!

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