Monday, September 14, 2015

From the heart

"Dear Lord, please break through the layers of 'formalities' that we impose upon You.
Break through the layers of legalism that we develop.
Please break out of the boxes that we have put You into, and let us behold the wonder that You truly want us to see!"

There is a God much greater than

the one, for granted, taken;
One that wants me to believe
and cause my world be shaken!
He does not call me to a life
of peace and "getting by..."
He firmly warns me of the day
and to eschew The Lie!

There is a God that loves me more

than merely "status quo...!"
And even when I yell at Him
He refuses to let go!
Even when I argue with Him
He won't run and hide;
rather, He will listen to me,
and remain my Guide.

There is a God and, thank God, He is

living inside me.
I must continue turning to Him,
He has victory!
Victory to overcome
the snares that lie about,
and love enough to overcome
the constancy of doubt!

Is there something in your life that you need His breakthrough in?

Is there something that has crept into your faith and stolen that zeal?
God knows exactly what it is...even when you do not OR even if you are in denial!  Surrender to Him and avail your heart to the fullness of His wonder!  He is always there, and always new!

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