Sunday, September 20, 2015

Focus again!

So busy with busyness...
So caught up with the route that I am on that I so easily miss that Place to pull off and refill...

O back to the simplicity
to which I have been called.
With issues greater than this man,
of late, I've been enthralled.
Too involved with that which only
God Most High could know,
at His invitation, into
peace again I go.
Peace--until He tells me to
involve myself again...
peace--until again He calls me
to debate those men...
peace--until that time arises,
back into the fray...
peace--o blessed Peace Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

There are so many things to get involved with.  So many things to distract us.  So many things, even 'good' things, to sway us and rob us of those wonderful moments with only Jesus.  Pay attention.  Make sure that those issues are even worth the effort, because, of you let them, they will drag you further and further off of the Narrow Way.

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