Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nothing Greater

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"
There is so much in this life that makes us cry out those words! 
However, there is also a lot in this life that might bid us to say "Not yet, Lord.  I am quite comfortable with this."
That is a dangerous place to be.

No matter what you offer me,
it just cannot compare
with the Paradise that God,
with us, awaits to share!
Regardless any situation
in this life we find,
that Place is more than anything
that we will leave behind!

The tragedies that happen

but more and more each day...
the 'status quo' in normalcy
with scant in disarray...
even 'paradise on earth'
with all things going right,
none of it compares with that
awaiting past that Flight!

O heart of mine, continue for

to yearn unto that Day
when, to eternal paradise
at last we fly away!
And let not anything at all
diminish that hope sweet
of leaving all this life behind
our Jesus Christ to meet!!

Don't lose heart longing for that Heaven ahead.  Cling dearly to it as we continue to accomplish that which He has called us to do here!  Great is your AND There!!


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