Friday, September 18, 2015

Done again

Evening creeps in...
The storm that was supposed to start a few hours ago is only now appearing on the horizon, but oh what an entrance it is making!
Day is done again.

That which had to be today
it was accomplished, but HIS way!
What we discussed just dawn ago,
the same now is--His ways are so!
And in the fading light of day,
He is here, He does not go away!
And we discuss what had to be
and how He brought the victory!

Can you look back on how your day went and see His Presence?
Can you look at what happened today and see His hand at work in it?
I guarantee that there are folks that may read these words and want to delete me right now!  However, I promise you that if something did not go right or a disaster happened to you, you will eventually look back and say "Aha!  That's why it happened!"
Don't give up.  Keep trusting God and He will NEVER let you down!

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