Monday, September 21, 2015

That Blessed Avenue

I think one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the PRIVILEGE of communicating with Him.
However you do it, NEVER take it for granted!

Once more to bow my head to raise

my arms unto The King!
Again, my heart and soul, unto
Lord Jesus Christ to sing!
Again to know my prayers rise
and each of them be heard!
Again communing with my God
according to His Word!
Such beautiful communication
with my bestest Friend--
for we have a relationship
that will not ever end!
The love He has for me is greater,
yes, than ANY known!
He looks at me...He smiles at me...
He says "You are My Own!"

Once more to fold my hands as I

am held inside His own!
Though I direct it Heavenward
I know I'm not alone.
For He is right here with me, hearing,
and responding, too;
that dialogue with Father God--
what blessed avenue!

Take advantage of that privilege often!  It doesn't have to be at a specific time.  It does not have to last for a specified time.  He even gives us the liberty to say what's on our heart!  That's how much He wants to hear from you!

Don't let anything hinder that special time!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Focus again!

So busy with busyness...
So caught up with the route that I am on that I so easily miss that Place to pull off and refill...

O back to the simplicity
to which I have been called.
With issues greater than this man,
of late, I've been enthralled.
Too involved with that which only
God Most High could know,
at His invitation, into
peace again I go.
Peace--until He tells me to
involve myself again...
peace--until again He calls me
to debate those men...
peace--until that time arises,
back into the fray...
peace--o blessed Peace Who is
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

There are so many things to get involved with.  So many things to distract us.  So many things, even 'good' things, to sway us and rob us of those wonderful moments with only Jesus.  Pay attention.  Make sure that those issues are even worth the effort, because, of you let them, they will drag you further and further off of the Narrow Way.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Life gives and takes, but there is hope...
Health comes and goes, but there is hope...
Situations rise and fall, but there is hope...

There is hope!  There is promise!
There is Paradise!
There is Jesus Christ the Lord
to much more than suffice!
He has all you ever need,
in fact, He IS Hope!!
The power of His Holy Name
enables you to cope!

Are you lacking hope?  Is there
no good that you can see?
Look up!  Cry out His Name and He
will bring the victory
He knows exactly what it takes
to elevate your heart
once again, encourage and
to set you far apart!

Yes, there is hope!  There is purpose,
yes, and just for you!
He is for you, not against you;
you WILL have your due!
Sing to Him!  Cling to Him
and never let Him go!
Jesus Christ--blessed Jesus--
living hope to know!

I have no way of knowing what all of you are going through all the time, but Jesus knows!
I can listen to your heart and pray with you and that may bring a little hope, but only Jesus provides the kind of HOPE that changes things.  Let Him!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Done again

Evening creeps in...
The storm that was supposed to start a few hours ago is only now appearing on the horizon, but oh what an entrance it is making!
Day is done again.

That which had to be today
it was accomplished, but HIS way!
What we discussed just dawn ago,
the same now is--His ways are so!
And in the fading light of day,
He is here, He does not go away!
And we discuss what had to be
and how He brought the victory!

Can you look back on how your day went and see His Presence?
Can you look at what happened today and see His hand at work in it?
I guarantee that there are folks that may read these words and want to delete me right now!  However, I promise you that if something did not go right or a disaster happened to you, you will eventually look back and say "Aha!  That's why it happened!"
Don't give up.  Keep trusting God and He will NEVER let you down!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nothing Greater

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"
There is so much in this life that makes us cry out those words! 
However, there is also a lot in this life that might bid us to say "Not yet, Lord.  I am quite comfortable with this."
That is a dangerous place to be.

No matter what you offer me,
it just cannot compare
with the Paradise that God,
with us, awaits to share!
Regardless any situation
in this life we find,
that Place is more than anything
that we will leave behind!

The tragedies that happen

but more and more each day...
the 'status quo' in normalcy
with scant in disarray...
even 'paradise on earth'
with all things going right,
none of it compares with that
awaiting past that Flight!

O heart of mine, continue for

to yearn unto that Day
when, to eternal paradise
at last we fly away!
And let not anything at all
diminish that hope sweet
of leaving all this life behind
our Jesus Christ to meet!!

Don't lose heart longing for that Heaven ahead.  Cling dearly to it as we continue to accomplish that which He has called us to do here!  Great is your AND There!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


He has so much vested in you.  He gave His very life for you, and He wants to see you succeed.
He wants to hear you sing, regardless...

He is love, He is more,

He is everything!
He is The Song I have inside
that's making me to sing!
He is that melody persisting
even through the worst;
He is that blessed song that never
has to be rehearsed!

There be no rehearsing because
He is always new!
Love and more and everything
and all for even YOU!
Regardless situation,
no matter the event,
yesterday, today, forever-

He is love, and He is
accompaniment always!
Give to Him your love, your time,
and give to Him your praise!
He will give to you His arms
and never let you go!
He is JESUS--everything
about you does He know!

He is JESUS!
Aren't you glad that God Himself has so much interest in you?  No matter what you have matter what you are matter what needs to be, He loves you and wants to direct your steps so that you will know success.  In fact, His Word says that He rejoices over you with singing!!
Please don't refuse Him!

Monday, September 14, 2015

From the heart

"Dear Lord, please break through the layers of 'formalities' that we impose upon You.
Break through the layers of legalism that we develop.
Please break out of the boxes that we have put You into, and let us behold the wonder that You truly want us to see!"

There is a God much greater than

the one, for granted, taken;
One that wants me to believe
and cause my world be shaken!
He does not call me to a life
of peace and "getting by..."
He firmly warns me of the day
and to eschew The Lie!

There is a God that loves me more

than merely "status quo...!"
And even when I yell at Him
He refuses to let go!
Even when I argue with Him
He won't run and hide;
rather, He will listen to me,
and remain my Guide.

There is a God and, thank God, He is

living inside me.
I must continue turning to Him,
He has victory!
Victory to overcome
the snares that lie about,
and love enough to overcome
the constancy of doubt!

Is there something in your life that you need His breakthrough in?

Is there something that has crept into your faith and stolen that zeal?
God knows exactly what it is...even when you do not OR even if you are in denial!  Surrender to Him and avail your heart to the fullness of His wonder!  He is always there, and always new!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's painful!

Yesterday was a long week.
Last night was an even longer day!
Looking back, a few thoughts arise...

In the silence...In the darkness...

in the valley long...
there be no one that will listen
to whatever's wrong?
Not at all!  For in the valley
be His presence rife!
And in His Presence there is light
and there's abundant life!
Yes, in the valley of my loss
alone I never be.
One is there to hold my hand
and even holding me!
He knows the pain of living!
He knows the pain of loss!
He knows because He bore it all
upon a lonely cross!

I hear Him in the silence,
I feel Him in the dark;
and He has every answer that
arises on my bark!
His arms, they are stability
in this unstable life...
even when the pain of loss
is cutting like a knife!

It hurts.  Again!  But it doesn't cripple because I know the One Who can understand and alleviate the pain!  I have to let Him. 
That involves trust.
That involves letting go of something and grabbing hold of Him!
His Name is Jesus.  He understands fully...even and especially when we do not.

Friday, September 11, 2015


There is a peace I know;
It is no other place;
it's from The God I know,         
and given me by grace!
No matter what's been said...
no matter what's been done...
there is a perfect peace, for it is

That peace it is availed
at any time at all.
If we falter, if we fail,
that Name we freely call!
He knows what you have done,
He knows what you will need;
oh, there is a Peace I know, for it is

O blessed be that peace
provided you and I!
Just ask for it, receive it,
and do not question "Why?"
He waits to savor with you
serenity in whole!
Receive ye perfect peace by giving
Jesus Christ your soul!

O how wonderful is that perfect peace!
Oh how marvelous is that calm that no mere man nor object may provide!  Oh you may find peace in something or someone, but it is a temporary peace, not Perfect Peace!
No matter what you may have done or you may be going through, Jesus Christ will listen, hear and understand.  Let Him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Lord, I'm sorry!"

I sinned.  I knew it was wrong but it felt so right!  I know that God has forgiven me, but as I go to that holy place, other eyes are upon me...

The is heavy;
the yoke, it has me down.
Where can I go to unload
before I slip and drown?!
How many are the ones that reach out
truly understanding?
Are there ones to listen to me
and not be demanding?
So many things are happening,
I am so confused!
I need to empty out my heart
and not be abused!
I need to look into one's eyes
and feel that they relate;
I need arms that embrace me,
and not 'looks' that berate!!

I know there is a place to go
with at least One to see!
He knows ALL that I have done
and yet he STILL loves me!
There SHOULD be others like Him
in places He ordains,
instead of them that shake their heads
just adding to my pains.

Other eyes are upon me.  Why are they not joining me as I get on my knees?  While I'm here, I will pray for them too.  That's what true love does.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Same place, same thing?

Monday once again. 
A brand new week.
Same old problems?

Here we go once more...
the whisper and the roar...
the first day of the week-
I am strong...not weak!
This life is filled with all.
And, still, there is His Call.
We hear it and react,
and there's no turning back...

Here we go once more.
"That girl might be a whore..."
"that guy might be a thief..."
yet both need Christ's relief!
I am no better, though.
My sins one may not know;
but I need Christ as well.
(I bet you couldn't tell!)

Here we go once more.
Life is out that door,
and living WILL include
the ones that most exclude!
"O use me, Lord of Love,
to help all rise above
and glorify Your Name-
Your very life to claim!"

Monday once again.
A brand new week.
Still there are people out there, and people right here, that need Jesus.  Am I going to let the things that they say/do/believe stop me from sharing Life with them?
Absolutely not!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The House of God!

Sunday morning.  LIFE ALWAYS!
After a few days in the world, I need a place to go to refill, restore, refuel.  The House of God is that place!  For here, I can find

The glory of the King-

o hear all living sing!
The majesty of God-
o hear all life applaud!
The Spirit in His all-
react ye to His call!
The Trinity in whole-

And there is not another to

so stimulate my heart!
Of all this temporary life
He is the greatest part,
loving me, leading me,
healing...filling all!
There is nothing greater than
responding to His Call!!

The glory of The King-

Rejoice, rejoice, my heart,
His fullness to impart!
O take His life from here
let all the world hear
the glory and the grace
that He is in this place!

The House of God.  The filling station!  Sometimes, it's not even a "building!"  Wherever it is, go there and be with Jesus!  He will make sure You are filled and ready for the days that follow!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Too many situations

How has your day gone?  (Or 'how has your night gone?')  More and more, the enemy is trying to take all he can, because he knows that his time is limited!  Therefore, he will do all he can to steal the joy that Jesus is inside of you.

Too many 'things' to make my joy

to disappear today...
too many 'voices' causing detours
from the Narrow Way...
too many situations risen
enticing me to quit...
but I will listen, I will stand fast,
I refuse to quit!
But that not of my self, for Christ
arises deep in me!
It is He Who will press on
that I'll see victory!
These 'situations,' they are daily
in this fleeting life,
but clinging unto Jesus Christ,
it will abate their strife!

Too many situations...but
it shall be to the end!
I must depend on Jesus Christ--
Only with Him living deep
will I obtain the prize,
and so reside with him forever
there, beyond the skies!

Has life grabbed you by the throat and demanded payment?
Has the day-to-day become so much that you want to run and hide?
RUN TO JESUS!!  You don't have to run very far, because He is right there beside you and He has all that You need to recover and prosper!
Run to Jesus.  Simplicity.  Escape from "too many situations!"

Friday, September 4, 2015

Latter Days

O the Name of Jesus!
O the mighty Presence of Him!
The only victorious way to live this life!

Sweetest is the voice of Him
who's ever known my name!
Wonderful is His assurance
"You are why I came!"
And so rewarding is the calling
each of us have got!
Blessings even in this life
has such a calling brought!

O listen to the voice of Him
this world would ignore.
For its reward--it is already,
ours is yet in store!
So many wonders yet awaiting
them that do belong!
That sweetest voice for to inspire
such a living song!

The sweetness of His voice I seek
as I behold the day...
those promises I reach out for
instead of this world's way!
More narrow as the days go by,
more wicked be the heart...
"Even so, come quickly, Jesus!
Lord, how great Thou art!!"

Stand fast, ye child of God! 
Stand firm, ye chosen people!  We don't even have to turn the news on anymore to see how wicked this world has become, some of us only have to walk out the front door!  Do go out that door, of course, but do so bathed in prayer!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ONE Way!

Where we cannot see there is a land.
And things go on there we can't understand.
One is there Who's over and above,
and He has for us an undying love!
A love that sees and acts like not another;
a love that is much closer than a brother;
a love that lets us learn from our mistakes;
a love that prearranges awesome breaks!
For in that land that we can't see at all,
that One has set a date for one and all-
a moment when our time on earth shall end.
The question lingers: will our souls ascend?
For that land, replete with every perfect thing
is for the ones who, unto Jesus, cling!
He has their names inscribed inside a book.
Is your name there?  Dare you to even look?
O give your heart to Jesus even now!
Seal ye quickly His salvation vow!
That paradise is closer than you know,
and, with Him in your heart, you'll surely go!

Jesus, ONLY Jesus, life eterne!
Serving Him--each day there's more to learn!
Every day is sweeter than before,
as we look forward to life evermore!

Won't you join me in that Heaven realm?  There is a place there designed for only you!  God knows you better than any other, so He knows just what to put there for you!  Yes.  He loves you that much!