Sunday, August 30, 2015

Panting for God!

Psalm 42 records how the very soul hungers and thirsts for God and His ways.  The longer we are in this world, the greater will that hunger and thirst be!
Do you know what to do about it?

"My soul, o Father God, for it is
panting after You!
There is no limit to the 'holy'
things I am to do!
At the the presence...
at the ending of...
You are there, all along,
and filling with Your love!

How beautiful, the constant Presence
that You are, oh Lord!
I cannot get enough of You,
ye righteous and adored!
I raise my arms unto You as
You take me in embrace;
I wrap my life around You as
You cover me with grace!

My soul, my heart, my very being
long for You alone!
My Father God, my Living Lord,
so many ways You're known!
O never shall I get my fill
of loving You at all!
Forever will I worship You--
o what a blessed call!"

Answer that call with me, won't you?  God will fill you and you will never hunger or thirst again...lest it be for the "good" things that only He provides!

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