Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mere 'ritual'

Sunday morning.  Here we go again.  This is getting old...

There must be more unto this calling

than the "Me! Me! Me!.........."
There's got to be more to this place
than what I merely "see..."
I've got to get back to that place
with Jesus, center stage,
than merely being 'entertained'
then, turn another page...

O where is the reality
of that for long we've trod:
being changed, encountering
That One, True, holy God?!
The very One Who's calling us
unto that place we seek--
are we too spoiled to 'entertainment'
each and every week?
I've got to find that place where it is
God and I alone.
For in that place, His sovereign will
for you and I be known!
He waits there, ever-patiently,
for us to awaken;
for that to happen, each of us
must be severely shaken!

"Oh shake You even me, dear God,
that I become awake!
Past the lights, into Your calling,
all of me, Lord, take!
Return me to Your Holy House,
that one that YOU would choose;
I avail myself yet fully-
all of me, Lord, use!"

Are you playing church?
Are you going to a place every Sunday "just to get it out of the way?"
Are you merely going to a service "because we've always done it that way?"
That's not a relationship!!  That's a RITUAL!  We must have a relationship with Jesus Christ and be ACTIVE in service to Him: saying what He tells us to say...going where He tells us to go...doing what He tells us to do!
"Putting in our time" at church for two hours/week just ain't gonna cut it!

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