Sunday, August 30, 2015


It has been a week full of __________________!
God is fully aware of it and yet He is calling us into a place that is alive with joyous music!

In the presence of the music

all about The King!
Know the wonder...feel the rhythm...
hear the people sing!
More than merely songs and verses,
it is life--so living!
In the presence of the music
Jesus is so giving!

O the people...o the noise

to minister and heal!
Joining in to cause the Spirit
freely to reveal!
coming in the same!
Jesus Christ--the Living Source--
all glory to His Name!

O the Presence in the music

that is living so!
God the Father, God the Son
and Spirit we to know!
So wonderful, the life and living
in that Glory song!
Leave all behind, enter in
and sing, and sing along!!

Life goes on.  God is fully aware of it and He would have nothing hinder you from entering into that glorious song!  He doesn't care about the quality of your singing.  He gave you your voice, so He already knows!!  Raise that voice and enter into that healing, living song!


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