Friday, August 28, 2015

Life and life

Eternity.  Some things are settled, some are yet unknown.  But we don't have to wait until then to truly know LIFE...

and living is alive!
Upon the mighty wings of Truth
that life is to arrive!
To be located in that place:
the love...the peace...the joy...
to be located in the RIGHT place-
His Truth to employ!

O so marvelous!  O so wonderful!
JESUS--living so!
Proclaimed by the Holy Ghost,
in ALL of life to know!
Because of Jesus Christ alone
alive are we to be!
Because of Jesus Christ alone,

And Jesus is His Name!
Because of Christ the Lord, we do not
have to be the same!
We can be much better as
we're called His very Own!
And He vows we do not know yet
what then we shall be known!

Wonderful, marvelous mystery that is as we ponder eternity!  So very little is known, but we know that Jesus will be there and it will be wonderful!
That's good enough for me!!

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