Thursday, August 13, 2015


Travelling to find a place
where someone has the time...
so many are the verses, yet
not many of them rhyme.
The injury, it hurts, but once more
I hear "Move along..."
'There's no room for you in this place...'
My God, it is what's wrong!!

Travelling to find that place-
must we travel far?
There's light in that place coming up,
but there's no door ajar.
I inquire.  I am told
"No, we don't have that here..."
I know of what I'm seeking,
therefore, we persevere.

Travelling as we are told,
I KNOW that place awaits!
For He will open up His arms
as He swings wide the gates!
So many travel with me, joining
all along the way;
The lights are on just up ahead-
is that where we will stay?

Every one of us is on a journey.  There is only One Who knows every step of that journey, where we will stop, when we shall go, and when the journey will end.  We trust Him completely with those steps.  Do you?
What have you done today to help someone on their journey?

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