Thursday, August 13, 2015

Morning Living

How glorious it is to look out across the sights and see God Himself!  What a thrill it is to look across the landscape and see His hand moving!

Jesus, Jesus, mighty God,
so beautiful and new!
Though You have always been, I see You
in another view!
Though Your hand has created it,
I see You in creation!
Though I have heard You for so long,
so fresh, Your revelation!

So beautiful Your evidence,
(Your handiwork, as well!)
as I glance south toward to creek
and over in the dell;
the buck and does of morning graze-
some without a care;
the slightest movement, though, and, such peace,
surely to impair!

Jesus, Jesus, You and I,
and all I bring to You...
I must bring adoration first
because of such a view
and because You're worthy of
all praise that is alive
as I behold the morning and
the 'living' that arrive!

The life and living that arrive with the rising of the sun.
But was not that living there all night long?  Of course it was.  And so was God!  Don't let the time of day limit your adoration of God!  He is visible and available 24/7, and He wants to hear from us always!

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