Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grace again?

Yes.  Grace again. 
Not that 'grace' that may have been drilled into you or preached AT you, but that beautiful gift that yet remains so alive...
Grace--for it is so alive,
(and necessary so!)
He gives it so abundantly--
no limit it may know!
Given from a heart that knows
our fabric like no other;
given by One Who loves so much
He's closer than a brother!

Grace--o grace of God alive
and thriving unto all!
It is freely offered yet--
o hear, o hear Him call!!
Offered even unto YOU
though you are not the same;
for you are bought with Jesus' love!
O glorify His Name!!

Grace--it is the favor of
a God--THE Perfect God!
He looks upon me as I live,
my efforts to applaud!
Efforts--due His living in
the heart that is my own;
therefore, His favor and His merit,
in me they are known!

Grace--that precious access to
the God of power and might,
through Jesus--that relationship
that causes great delight!

Grace, grace.  God's grace.  JESUS CHRIST!! 
Enjoy Him and the liberty that we have in Him as we worship Him in all that we do!!

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