Saturday, August 29, 2015

God with us!

Father God.  Present with us no matter what the day might bring...

In the the moisture...

in the pouring rain...
life goes on, but there is life
that few could dare explain!
There is a peace about the rain
that causes life to slack;
it puts a hold on duties and
it makes one to lean back.

And in the the moisture...
in the pouring rain...
God Creator comes to me
with nothing to explain!
Just the wonder of His Presence
is so welcome here
that all frustrations go away
and peace is to appear!

In the presence of the weather
weather we the day
with Father God, Creator, Friend,
the Truth, the Life, the Way,
Sustainer and Protector,
whatever be the storm!
His very arms to keep us safe,
secure and oh, so warm!

Sustainer in the storm.  But today's be merely rainfall.  Regardless, He is right here with us, enjoying the moments as they pass, and causing us to enjoy life...even in the dewdrops!

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