Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glorious greeting!

"Good morning, oh my Father,"
I cry out as I rise.
I worship You.   I praise You as
all living glorifies!
I praise You for the rising sun,
I praise You for the dew,
I praise You for the birds, I praise You...

So many thoughts to flood my mind
about the day that's here.
I put them all aside for to
enjoy You while You're near!
Shutting out the noise that I
may hear Your voice alone;
You walk with me, You talk with me
and, once again, I've grown.

Good morning to the brand new day
that You have made by hand!
I bow before You, worship You
before I take the stand
that You've ordained already--
that path that I will take;
Good morning, o Creator God...
and all for glory's sake!

And all for glory's sake!
And so are we called to arise with a song in our hearts!  A song of adoration and a song of expectation of what we shall behold God doing in our lives!
Join me, won't you?

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