Tuesday, August 4, 2015


What a relief it is when we finally realize that joy, contentment and gratitude have nothing to do with our current circumstances!

"I do not understand again.
This is a place that we have been
but where we didn't hope to be!
But God, we trust You.  You can see.

Once more, my grasp, it has lost hold.
Of this place I have been told,
but since we've travelled here before,
must we tarry yet once more?!

Once more...again... But God, You are
still in control of all by far
and, in this place, You have our trust!
We'll triumph...if it be a must!

Joy, contentment and gratitude are not just gifts from God, they are a CHOICE!  We have got to CHOOSE to be joyful, even when things are going on in our lives that do not necessarily cause "joy!"  We must CHOOSE to be grateful, even when we receive something or receive news that we may not asked for.  And, yes, we must CHOOSE to be grateful...even when God causes something to be in our lives that we flat-out do not want!

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