Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fear again?

Yes, fear.  That one 'power' that thinks is THE power and thus attempts to over come all.  But it is not THE power...

I will not succumb to that
which messes with my mind.
I CAN do that ahead of me,
there is victory to find!

I will not cave unto those tapes
still playing in my head.
I know WHO is Victory,
and by HIM I am led!

I will not here collapse when I
can see the finish line.
and I will be just fine!

Do you have those tapes playing over and over inside your head?  Those voices of your past that tell you what you can and can't do...that tell you how much (or how little) you are worth?  Do you see the faces of those people who told you that you will never amount to anything?  THEY ARE ALL LIARS!!  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM ANYMORE!!

I have a purpose in this life,
and naught else bids me sway!
I know what I can do and I
will do it until That Day!

I listen to the voices that
are fresh and on my side:
in Jesus Christ, The Father and
The Spirit I abide!

I have a new heart in the Lord,
and He gave it to me!
It causes me to move ahead
with views of victory!

And all of this is for YOU, also!!  Don't let anyone or anything talk you out of it or attempt to convince you otherwise!  If anyone tells you that you are less than a child of God when you have Jesus in your heart, the same is a liar and a thief!  IGNORE HIM!  Ignore those 'friends' that attempt to sway you to give up on God and go with them.  FLEE FROM THEM!!  They are NOT your true friends!  Just keep saying the Name of Jesus!  He will come to your rescue!

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