Monday, August 24, 2015

Fading signs

Afternoon lingers...hinting of the cool of autumn.
In the light remaining, life reflects upon the reality of God and the touch of His hand...

So real and so wonderful-
Creator God Most High!
Behold His mighty Presence even
with the evening nigh!
Between the sunset and the stars
so much life yet goes on;
o take a moment to behold Him
'fore that light is gone!

"Thank You for Your Presence, Father;
Your touch everywhere!
not just 'every now and then,'
not just 'here-and-there!'
But soaking all of life, immersing
it with glory's touch!
O make us, each and every one,
to be aware of such!"

Afternoon, after heat,
after labors all,
a voice so real and wonderful-
I answer to His call!
And we enjoy a closer walk,
together, side-by-side,
LIFE--as prophesied!

A few more weeks of summer left, but eternity left to spend with Father God.  What are you doing to prepare for that time?

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