Saturday, August 1, 2015

Does it matter?

As I spoke yesterday, I had the opportunity to minister to someone.  Truth be told, each of us has opportunity to touch at least one person in some way every day!  What is that person going to learn from that touch?

One heart amidst so many-
do I even matter?
Do they here grace and love in me,
or only empty chatter?
I know that if I give my heart
and soul to God each day,
someone some time in someplace
will be blessed in some way!

One heart amongst so many-

but we are not alone!
Stand fast to Truth established,
settled and well-known!
Press on as we're commanded,
through scorn and ridicule-
do not be swallowed up by the
deceptions of a fool!

Every one of us who are born again and serving God know truth from a lie.  Holy Spirit is alive and moving in our lives to make that distinction.  We are, however, in a world where 'black-and-white' is becoming more and more gray, and that line between right and wrong is becoming more and more fine.  STAND FIRM!  We are clearly told in The Bible that the last days were going to be like this, and it will take more and more resolve to endure them.  It will take us knowing His Word, and we will only do that by reading it, studying it and being taught it by people of integrity and full of Jesus!


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