Friday, August 7, 2015


What a glorious place this is!  I didn't see THIS on the map!!

O wonderful again to be

where Jesus does reside!
The fanciest of churches and
cathedrals not aside,
here we are, in fellowship,
the humblest of places!
Here He is, in glory, and
dispensing of His graces!

I do not have to be there in
the "grandest" church around,
I only have to call His Name,
His Presence to be found!
So beautiful, so glorious,
cathedrals raised to Him-
does His Presence, though, reside
in every one of them?

So wonderful, this wilderness
with only He and I!
The rolling hills...the talking stream...
me and God Most High!
"Church" assuredly to be,
and appreciated
with cathedrals in the distance
that HE has created!

What a loss is the life that takes not the time to spend out in the wilderness, out where there are no buildings, away from everyone but Creator God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit!  Allow yourself such time, and ask God to lead you to that place.  He will not fail you!

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