Wednesday, August 5, 2015


The Lord suffices.  Period!

"Your grace, it is sufficient

for life and all of living!
I give my love and pledge to You,
Your nature is all giving!
What I am given in return-
a measure it has not!
You own it all...You know it all...
and my steps You have got!

And my steps have You ordered,
You know what's best for me!
I am blessed and I'm forgiven,
I thrive abundantly
due alone Your grace, oh Lord,
Your favor and Your love
I follow hard Your leading 'til
I meet You up above!

Your grace--it's my provision as,

so boldly, I progress-
KNOWING You are leading me,
KNOWING that You bless;
savoring that grace that comes
from You and You alone!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,
I, I am Your own!"

The Lord suffices.  Whatever predicament you find yourself in, He is able to sustain you or rescue you.  He knows what to do better than you do.

The Lord suffices.  Whatever strait you find yourself in, He knows what is best for you at that time and is ready when you ask.
The Lord suffices.  Whatever the doctor told you or the medical reports showed, His Blood trumps all of it!!
The Lord suffices.  Whatever that wonderful news is that you just cannot wait to share with someone, He wants to hear it!!
The Lord is all-sufficient.  TRUST HIM!

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