Friday, August 7, 2015

After work...

Day is done.
No, no, no...WORK for the day is done.
Time now to enjoy more of His creation...

Gentle vesper breezes-

so welcome and so cool.
The sun and the horizon
begin their daily duel...
the scenery, however,
with nothing will compete;
from the hand of God Creator
it cannot be beat!

And still the breezes whisper,
carrying His voice.
In the silence, in the glory,
life-it does rejoice!
O join that celebration
to Jesus, living Lord--
it is HIS touch on the evening
that is so adored!

Gentle vesper breezes-
trees to gently sway
as the moments are spent with
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Relax.  You're home now.  Work is done for the day and you left it at work.  Now savor the peace, savor the rest, savor the glory of the rest of the day with Him Who created it.

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