Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Because of where some of us live, ‘weather’ is not always beautiful!  Being one who sees the good in all things, I can watch a thunderstorm and be thrilled and amazed.  Some of my friends, however, will see a storm coming, prepare for the worst, and hide.  Why is this?
God, however, remains above it all and unaffected…

Gray the sky above me,
gripping be the chill;
not yet the season’s evidence
to be on yonder hill;
it is supposed to be about!
Its approach be late;
soon, a trademark of the summer
it will be...and great!
But in the moment of right now,
so beautiful, the day!
The Presence of Creator God-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
He is walking, He is talking
of the time that be,
discussing the events and times
with love for such as we!

Gray the sky above me,
but Light is right beside!
And even in the deepest,
for there does He reside!
He is Creator of the day
environs matter not!
And He will get us through it all
because we are The Bought! 

Unaffected?  Well, not really.  He is very concerned about His children and does minister to them affected by the storms of life.  He wants us to know, however, that no storm in this life will separate us from His great love and care!  I want you to know that, too!

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