Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A great day for...

Captured to be once again
by what His hand creates.
Listening and looking as,
to Him, life celebrates!
At the rising of the sun
life is up already,
and the very presence of it
to affect--quite heady!
What a perfect day for Jesus
to return to earth!
We look for Him to come again
for those of second-birth!
We look for Him to come again
as promised in His Word!
We look for our deliverance
from this life be occurred!
And, all the while, we look for
opportunities to share.
To let all others know the joys
that are awaiting there!
To share with them the victories
beginning even here;
to help them realize that Jesus
is so very near!

As you behold the day that is
and what it may contain,
do you ponder this may be
the day He'll loose the rein?
Think about that in all the
decisions that you face-
what affect will such though have
in a temporary place?

Jesus is coming again.
Even though there are moments in time that are quite glorious, JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!
It is a great day.  Enjoy every moment of it KNOWING that the best is not even here yet!

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