Sunday, August 30, 2015


It has been a week full of __________________!
God is fully aware of it and yet He is calling us into a place that is alive with joyous music!

In the presence of the music

all about The King!
Know the wonder...feel the rhythm...
hear the people sing!
More than merely songs and verses,
it is life--so living!
In the presence of the music
Jesus is so giving!

O the people...o the noise

to minister and heal!
Joining in to cause the Spirit
freely to reveal!
coming in the same!
Jesus Christ--the Living Source--
all glory to His Name!

O the Presence in the music

that is living so!
God the Father, God the Son
and Spirit we to know!
So wonderful, the life and living
in that Glory song!
Leave all behind, enter in
and sing, and sing along!!

Life goes on.  God is fully aware of it and He would have nothing hinder you from entering into that glorious song!  He doesn't care about the quality of your singing.  He gave you your voice, so He already knows!!  Raise that voice and enter into that healing, living song!


Panting for God!

Psalm 42 records how the very soul hungers and thirsts for God and His ways.  The longer we are in this world, the greater will that hunger and thirst be!
Do you know what to do about it?

"My soul, o Father God, for it is
panting after You!
There is no limit to the 'holy'
things I am to do!
At the the presence...
at the ending of...
You are there, all along,
and filling with Your love!

How beautiful, the constant Presence
that You are, oh Lord!
I cannot get enough of You,
ye righteous and adored!
I raise my arms unto You as
You take me in embrace;
I wrap my life around You as
You cover me with grace!

My soul, my heart, my very being
long for You alone!
My Father God, my Living Lord,
so many ways You're known!
O never shall I get my fill
of loving You at all!
Forever will I worship You--
o what a blessed call!"

Answer that call with me, won't you?  God will fill you and you will never hunger or thirst again...lest it be for the "good" things that only He provides!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

God with us!

Father God.  Present with us no matter what the day might bring...

In the the moisture...

in the pouring rain...
life goes on, but there is life
that few could dare explain!
There is a peace about the rain
that causes life to slack;
it puts a hold on duties and
it makes one to lean back.

And in the the moisture...
in the pouring rain...
God Creator comes to me
with nothing to explain!
Just the wonder of His Presence
is so welcome here
that all frustrations go away
and peace is to appear!

In the presence of the weather
weather we the day
with Father God, Creator, Friend,
the Truth, the Life, the Way,
Sustainer and Protector,
whatever be the storm!
His very arms to keep us safe,
secure and oh, so warm!

Sustainer in the storm.  But today's be merely rainfall.  Regardless, He is right here with us, enjoying the moments as they pass, and causing us to enjoy life...even in the dewdrops!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Life and life

Eternity.  Some things are settled, some are yet unknown.  But we don't have to wait until then to truly know LIFE...

and living is alive!
Upon the mighty wings of Truth
that life is to arrive!
To be located in that place:
the love...the peace...the joy...
to be located in the RIGHT place-
His Truth to employ!

O so marvelous!  O so wonderful!
JESUS--living so!
Proclaimed by the Holy Ghost,
in ALL of life to know!
Because of Jesus Christ alone
alive are we to be!
Because of Jesus Christ alone,

And Jesus is His Name!
Because of Christ the Lord, we do not
have to be the same!
We can be much better as
we're called His very Own!
And He vows we do not know yet
what then we shall be known!

Wonderful, marvelous mystery that is as we ponder eternity!  So very little is known, but we know that Jesus will be there and it will be wonderful!
That's good enough for me!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A great day for...

Captured to be once again
by what His hand creates.
Listening and looking as,
to Him, life celebrates!
At the rising of the sun
life is up already,
and the very presence of it
to affect--quite heady!
What a perfect day for Jesus
to return to earth!
We look for Him to come again
for those of second-birth!
We look for Him to come again
as promised in His Word!
We look for our deliverance
from this life be occurred!
And, all the while, we look for
opportunities to share.
To let all others know the joys
that are awaiting there!
To share with them the victories
beginning even here;
to help them realize that Jesus
is so very near!

As you behold the day that is
and what it may contain,
do you ponder this may be
the day He'll loose the rein?
Think about that in all the
decisions that you face-
what affect will such though have
in a temporary place?

Jesus is coming again.
Even though there are moments in time that are quite glorious, JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!
It is a great day.  Enjoy every moment of it KNOWING that the best is not even here yet!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fading signs

Afternoon lingers...hinting of the cool of autumn.
In the light remaining, life reflects upon the reality of God and the touch of His hand...

So real and so wonderful-
Creator God Most High!
Behold His mighty Presence even
with the evening nigh!
Between the sunset and the stars
so much life yet goes on;
o take a moment to behold Him
'fore that light is gone!

"Thank You for Your Presence, Father;
Your touch everywhere!
not just 'every now and then,'
not just 'here-and-there!'
But soaking all of life, immersing
it with glory's touch!
O make us, each and every one,
to be aware of such!"

Afternoon, after heat,
after labors all,
a voice so real and wonderful-
I answer to His call!
And we enjoy a closer walk,
together, side-by-side,
LIFE--as prophesied!

A few more weeks of summer left, but eternity left to spend with Father God.  What are you doing to prepare for that time?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Glorious greeting!

"Good morning, oh my Father,"
I cry out as I rise.
I worship You.   I praise You as
all living glorifies!
I praise You for the rising sun,
I praise You for the dew,
I praise You for the birds, I praise You...

So many thoughts to flood my mind
about the day that's here.
I put them all aside for to
enjoy You while You're near!
Shutting out the noise that I
may hear Your voice alone;
You walk with me, You talk with me
and, once again, I've grown.

Good morning to the brand new day
that You have made by hand!
I bow before You, worship You
before I take the stand
that You've ordained already--
that path that I will take;
Good morning, o Creator God...
and all for glory's sake!

And all for glory's sake!
And so are we called to arise with a song in our hearts!  A song of adoration and a song of expectation of what we shall behold God doing in our lives!
Join me, won't you?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grace again?

Yes.  Grace again. 
Not that 'grace' that may have been drilled into you or preached AT you, but that beautiful gift that yet remains so alive...
Grace--for it is so alive,
(and necessary so!)
He gives it so abundantly--
no limit it may know!
Given from a heart that knows
our fabric like no other;
given by One Who loves so much
He's closer than a brother!

Grace--o grace of God alive
and thriving unto all!
It is freely offered yet--
o hear, o hear Him call!!
Offered even unto YOU
though you are not the same;
for you are bought with Jesus' love!
O glorify His Name!!

Grace--it is the favor of
a God--THE Perfect God!
He looks upon me as I live,
my efforts to applaud!
Efforts--due His living in
the heart that is my own;
therefore, His favor and His merit,
in me they are known!

Grace--that precious access to
the God of power and might,
through Jesus--that relationship
that causes great delight!

Grace, grace.  God's grace.  JESUS CHRIST!! 
Enjoy Him and the liberty that we have in Him as we worship Him in all that we do!!

Mere 'ritual'

Sunday morning.  Here we go again.  This is getting old...

There must be more unto this calling

than the "Me! Me! Me!.........."
There's got to be more to this place
than what I merely "see..."
I've got to get back to that place
with Jesus, center stage,
than merely being 'entertained'
then, turn another page...

O where is the reality
of that for long we've trod:
being changed, encountering
That One, True, holy God?!
The very One Who's calling us
unto that place we seek--
are we too spoiled to 'entertainment'
each and every week?
I've got to find that place where it is
God and I alone.
For in that place, His sovereign will
for you and I be known!
He waits there, ever-patiently,
for us to awaken;
for that to happen, each of us
must be severely shaken!

"Oh shake You even me, dear God,
that I become awake!
Past the lights, into Your calling,
all of me, Lord, take!
Return me to Your Holy House,
that one that YOU would choose;
I avail myself yet fully-
all of me, Lord, use!"

Are you playing church?
Are you going to a place every Sunday "just to get it out of the way?"
Are you merely going to a service "because we've always done it that way?"
That's not a relationship!!  That's a RITUAL!  We must have a relationship with Jesus Christ and be ACTIVE in service to Him: saying what He tells us to say...going where He tells us to go...doing what He tells us to do!
"Putting in our time" at church for two hours/week just ain't gonna cut it!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Travelling to find a place
where someone has the time...
so many are the verses, yet
not many of them rhyme.
The injury, it hurts, but once more
I hear "Move along..."
'There's no room for you in this place...'
My God, it is what's wrong!!

Travelling to find that place-
must we travel far?
There's light in that place coming up,
but there's no door ajar.
I inquire.  I am told
"No, we don't have that here..."
I know of what I'm seeking,
therefore, we persevere.

Travelling as we are told,
I KNOW that place awaits!
For He will open up His arms
as He swings wide the gates!
So many travel with me, joining
all along the way;
The lights are on just up ahead-
is that where we will stay?

Every one of us is on a journey.  There is only One Who knows every step of that journey, where we will stop, when we shall go, and when the journey will end.  We trust Him completely with those steps.  Do you?
What have you done today to help someone on their journey?

Morning Living

How glorious it is to look out across the sights and see God Himself!  What a thrill it is to look across the landscape and see His hand moving!

Jesus, Jesus, mighty God,
so beautiful and new!
Though You have always been, I see You
in another view!
Though Your hand has created it,
I see You in creation!
Though I have heard You for so long,
so fresh, Your revelation!

So beautiful Your evidence,
(Your handiwork, as well!)
as I glance south toward to creek
and over in the dell;
the buck and does of morning graze-
some without a care;
the slightest movement, though, and, such peace,
surely to impair!

Jesus, Jesus, You and I,
and all I bring to You...
I must bring adoration first
because of such a view
and because You're worthy of
all praise that is alive
as I behold the morning and
the 'living' that arrive!

The life and living that arrive with the rising of the sun.
But was not that living there all night long?  Of course it was.  And so was God!  Don't let the time of day limit your adoration of God!  He is visible and available 24/7, and He wants to hear from us always!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fear again?

Yes, fear.  That one 'power' that thinks is THE power and thus attempts to over come all.  But it is not THE power...

I will not succumb to that
which messes with my mind.
I CAN do that ahead of me,
there is victory to find!

I will not cave unto those tapes
still playing in my head.
I know WHO is Victory,
and by HIM I am led!

I will not here collapse when I
can see the finish line.
and I will be just fine!

Do you have those tapes playing over and over inside your head?  Those voices of your past that tell you what you can and can't do...that tell you how much (or how little) you are worth?  Do you see the faces of those people who told you that you will never amount to anything?  THEY ARE ALL LIARS!!  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM ANYMORE!!

I have a purpose in this life,
and naught else bids me sway!
I know what I can do and I
will do it until That Day!

I listen to the voices that
are fresh and on my side:
in Jesus Christ, The Father and
The Spirit I abide!

I have a new heart in the Lord,
and He gave it to me!
It causes me to move ahead
with views of victory!

And all of this is for YOU, also!!  Don't let anyone or anything talk you out of it or attempt to convince you otherwise!  If anyone tells you that you are less than a child of God when you have Jesus in your heart, the same is a liar and a thief!  IGNORE HIM!  Ignore those 'friends' that attempt to sway you to give up on God and go with them.  FLEE FROM THEM!!  They are NOT your true friends!  Just keep saying the Name of Jesus!  He will come to your rescue!

Friday, August 7, 2015

After work...

Day is done.
No, no, no...WORK for the day is done.
Time now to enjoy more of His creation...

Gentle vesper breezes-

so welcome and so cool.
The sun and the horizon
begin their daily duel...
the scenery, however,
with nothing will compete;
from the hand of God Creator
it cannot be beat!

And still the breezes whisper,
carrying His voice.
In the silence, in the glory,
life-it does rejoice!
O join that celebration
to Jesus, living Lord--
it is HIS touch on the evening
that is so adored!

Gentle vesper breezes-
trees to gently sway
as the moments are spent with
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Relax.  You're home now.  Work is done for the day and you left it at work.  Now savor the peace, savor the rest, savor the glory of the rest of the day with Him Who created it.


What a glorious place this is!  I didn't see THIS on the map!!

O wonderful again to be

where Jesus does reside!
The fanciest of churches and
cathedrals not aside,
here we are, in fellowship,
the humblest of places!
Here He is, in glory, and
dispensing of His graces!

I do not have to be there in
the "grandest" church around,
I only have to call His Name,
His Presence to be found!
So beautiful, so glorious,
cathedrals raised to Him-
does His Presence, though, reside
in every one of them?

So wonderful, this wilderness
with only He and I!
The rolling hills...the talking stream...
me and God Most High!
"Church" assuredly to be,
and appreciated
with cathedrals in the distance
that HE has created!

What a loss is the life that takes not the time to spend out in the wilderness, out where there are no buildings, away from everyone but Creator God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit!  Allow yourself such time, and ask God to lead you to that place.  He will not fail you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Because of where some of us live, ‘weather’ is not always beautiful!  Being one who sees the good in all things, I can watch a thunderstorm and be thrilled and amazed.  Some of my friends, however, will see a storm coming, prepare for the worst, and hide.  Why is this?
God, however, remains above it all and unaffected…

Gray the sky above me,
gripping be the chill;
not yet the season’s evidence
to be on yonder hill;
it is supposed to be about!
Its approach be late;
soon, a trademark of the summer
it will be...and great!
But in the moment of right now,
so beautiful, the day!
The Presence of Creator God-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
He is walking, He is talking
of the time that be,
discussing the events and times
with love for such as we!

Gray the sky above me,
but Light is right beside!
And even in the deepest,
for there does He reside!
He is Creator of the day
environs matter not!
And He will get us through it all
because we are The Bought! 

Unaffected?  Well, not really.  He is very concerned about His children and does minister to them affected by the storms of life.  He wants us to know, however, that no storm in this life will separate us from His great love and care!  I want you to know that, too!


The Lord suffices.  Period!

"Your grace, it is sufficient

for life and all of living!
I give my love and pledge to You,
Your nature is all giving!
What I am given in return-
a measure it has not!
You own it all...You know it all...
and my steps You have got!

And my steps have You ordered,
You know what's best for me!
I am blessed and I'm forgiven,
I thrive abundantly
due alone Your grace, oh Lord,
Your favor and Your love
I follow hard Your leading 'til
I meet You up above!

Your grace--it's my provision as,

so boldly, I progress-
KNOWING You are leading me,
KNOWING that You bless;
savoring that grace that comes
from You and You alone!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,
I, I am Your own!"

The Lord suffices.  Whatever predicament you find yourself in, He is able to sustain you or rescue you.  He knows what to do better than you do.

The Lord suffices.  Whatever strait you find yourself in, He knows what is best for you at that time and is ready when you ask.
The Lord suffices.  Whatever the doctor told you or the medical reports showed, His Blood trumps all of it!!
The Lord suffices.  Whatever that wonderful news is that you just cannot wait to share with someone, He wants to hear it!!
The Lord is all-sufficient.  TRUST HIM!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


What a relief it is when we finally realize that joy, contentment and gratitude have nothing to do with our current circumstances!

"I do not understand again.
This is a place that we have been
but where we didn't hope to be!
But God, we trust You.  You can see.

Once more, my grasp, it has lost hold.
Of this place I have been told,
but since we've travelled here before,
must we tarry yet once more?!

Once more...again... But God, You are
still in control of all by far
and, in this place, You have our trust!
We'll triumph...if it be a must!

Joy, contentment and gratitude are not just gifts from God, they are a CHOICE!  We have got to CHOOSE to be joyful, even when things are going on in our lives that do not necessarily cause "joy!"  We must CHOOSE to be grateful, even when we receive something or receive news that we may not asked for.  And, yes, we must CHOOSE to be grateful...even when God causes something to be in our lives that we flat-out do not want!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The leading of The Spirit

What does it mean to be led by the Holy Spirit?
Some people do not want to talk about...some want nothing to do with it...still others will go to extremes to avoid it!
Like it or not, God will have His way.
Something's not the same.
Is this the place I came?
Darkness is nearby,
but Light remaineth nigh!

Something has happened here-
barely it is clear.
Should my presence be?
O God, please help me see!

Something's not the same.
O God, is it a shame?
So few the faithful be-
what am I supposed to see?
What has been always-
it is not so these days!
It almost isn't real...

Something's not the same
except Your Mighty Name!
Therefore, Your Name, I cry!
And save us from within.
Forgive, oh Lord, our sin.
We trust in Jesus' Name-
for HE is still the same!

Like it or not, the will of God will prevail.  The people and powers that are seeking their own way will realize just how powerless they are.  Are you going to be led by The Spirit, or will you ignore One of God's greatest gifts?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Does it matter?

As I spoke yesterday, I had the opportunity to minister to someone.  Truth be told, each of us has opportunity to touch at least one person in some way every day!  What is that person going to learn from that touch?

One heart amidst so many-
do I even matter?
Do they here grace and love in me,
or only empty chatter?
I know that if I give my heart
and soul to God each day,
someone some time in someplace
will be blessed in some way!

One heart amongst so many-

but we are not alone!
Stand fast to Truth established,
settled and well-known!
Press on as we're commanded,
through scorn and ridicule-
do not be swallowed up by the
deceptions of a fool!

Every one of us who are born again and serving God know truth from a lie.  Holy Spirit is alive and moving in our lives to make that distinction.  We are, however, in a world where 'black-and-white' is becoming more and more gray, and that line between right and wrong is becoming more and more fine.  STAND FIRM!  We are clearly told in The Bible that the last days were going to be like this, and it will take more and more resolve to endure them.  It will take us knowing His Word, and we will only do that by reading it, studying it and being taught it by people of integrity and full of Jesus!