Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where is peace?

Where is that peace that can be had between men?
We just spent a few wonderful days celebrating liberty and some of the other blessings we have here!
And now, the morning after...

I do not understand, oh Lord,
why can't we get along?
Each be formed of humble dust,
yet each a different song?
If only all would change one note-
what harmony would form;
and, oh, the blessed repertoire
to come from such reform!

The minutest sovereignties
now seeking their own ways...
the majorest of powers
dissipating in these days...
unrest even in the home
but all throughout the land!
We cannot love our own...again,
I do not understand!

O that peace would have its way
in the days that are!
O the 'self' would cease--the care
would go so very far!
Is such as this within our human
or must we wait for His return
for all of this to be?

I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE, but it takes effort.  It takes me giving a giving a little...and God doing the rest.  And that takes trust.
Let's trust Him together, shall we?

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