Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Welcome break

Sometimes, life comes at us with guns blazing and we wonder when we might get a moment to rest...

Silence in between the storms,

evening appears...
Chores are over...light is almost...
life be in arrears?
Not at all, for living is

as Jesus walks along;
walking with Him, at His side,
inspires heaven-song!
But not too far this evening,
with thunder to remind
that, very soon, a covering
we're going to have to find!
I cannot trust the weather to
allow that daily walk-
that one where Jesus Christ and I
enjoy such candid talk!
O, but ANY time I have to spend,
for it will always due
as He assures me, every time,
"I AM right here next to you!"
What blest assurance in between
the storms of life that be
with Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
blessed Trinity!

Wherever you are, wherever this life finds you, never forget that you are not alone!  God WANTS to be right there with you, fully involved!

Invite Him to live each moment with you.

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