Friday, July 31, 2015

Tougher times

I had to minister to someone today.  He was ridiculing someone for not only not believing the way that he does, but for practicing manners and proper etiquette in a world that, as he put it, doesn't even recognize them.
I thought of the incident as I was praying this evening and writing today's message:

So many words roll off the tongue,
which ones are from the heart?
So many attitudes exist-
which ones drive us apart?
So many are the places that
we worship...but then why?
So many things that Love can solve-
why don't we even try?

"I can't go to your church,
you speak that 'funny' way!"
"I can't associate with you,
that music that you play!"
"I can't be seen with you!  What will
my congregation say?"
All the while, the tears well up
in Him Who is THE WAY!

"So many words roll off my tongue,
make sure, Lord, they're anointed.
So many places I can find You-
make sure I'm appointed.
So many places filled with people;
God, please take me there-
the words, the love, the Life You are,
oh, help me freely share!"

Please pray for me that I will rise above the things that may not matter much, and that Christ in me may be a stabilizing force in an unstable world.

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