Sunday, July 19, 2015

MY Attitude

Life goes on...
The world goes on...
People continue to treat each other the same...
Nothing changes?  I HOPE IT DOES!!

My attitude, MY attitude

to be the same as Christ.
Thus, the yearning of my self,
at times, be sacrificed.
My heart, MY heart to be attune
unto my Father's Own
that His desires and His thoughts,
they shall be surely known!

O to be like Christ the Lord
in all my thoughts and ways-
how much more value would be in
redemption of the days?
"Help me, Father, to be such
unto this dying place:
a ray of hope to each of them
both in and out of grace!"

My attitude.  It is something that must have a constant watch.  Because I am a Christian, I must not look down at the one who is not...I must reach out to him and offer the wonder that Jesus is within me. 
Because I am gifted in writing about Jesus, that does not make me better than the ones gifted in other ways! 
Just because I have been saved three times longer than you doesn't mean that I can't learn something from you!
We are all gifted differently, and all of us need each other.  Live with it!

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