Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quiet time

In some circles, the busier you are with church and "churchy" things, the better.  But what does God's Word say?

"Be still," we are commanded in
the fast-lane that is life!
Quiet time is key amidst
activities, so rife!
With all the voices that exist
but One are we to seek
and that requires us to set
aside a time unique!
Before I even rise I have
a list upon my mind.
Already is there, oh so new,
a schedule to find.
But where, upon that schedule
is time for God alone-
time without activity
with just His Presence known?

"Be still and know that I am God,"
so clear His Living Word!
In that place of silence there
is so much to be heard!
Seen and known and certain is
His Presence in that place;
and it is His delight to be
the only One I face!

So many activities compete for our time.  The deeper we get into the latter days, the more there is to distract us and steal us away from God.  WE CANNOT LET IT!!  We must continue to honor that "sweet hour of prayer" that contains so many benefits, not the least of which be one-on-one time with Jesus Christ!

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