Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peace before

Atop a rolling hill before
the sun peeks over the east-
unto but every sense it is
a quite abundant feast!

How wonderful is peace that is
dependent on no 'thing;'
present from celebration to
the greatest suffering!
How wonderful is peace that is
secure within the heart-
such peace, it has a Name- it's
Jesus Christ--how great Thou art!!
Such peace is deep, secure within
regardless of the day!
That Peace is Who I turn to when
the world goes astray.
Such Peace is, too, the One I call
when all is going right;
and there, we Two so often are,
enjoying great delight!

How wonderful, that perfect Peace
with day upon the rise.
He walks with me and talks with me
as I behold the skies!
Already He assures me that
He has my day secure;
assuring that, no matter what,
He'll cause me to endure!

Therefore, atop the rolling hill,
just moments before the sun,
I savor every morning sight
with knowledge that We've won!

Blessed assurance.
How wonderful it is to KNOW that Jesus is in control before I even step out the door!
How wonderful to know that He has already ordered and ordained the things that I will do and say today!
All I must do is be obedient.

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