Friday, July 3, 2015

National purity

America, America,
abounding in God's grace!
Step up!  Stand fast!  Know ye not
You're favored in this place?
Founded on God's Holy Word,
(in spite of argument!)
His arms, for they are open wide
with mercy yet unspent!

America mine earthly home,

(imperfect though may be,)
yet on that mercy to depend
that, favor, we may see!
Though many seek to 'redefine,'
we stand upon God's Word!
Yes, there IS a remnant to exist
in spite of what's occurred! beautiful,

and that not of our own!
The hand of THE Creator God
but everywhere be known!
Return unto the glory--
His Own glory may we seek;
return with wholeness of the heart,
in victory, to speak!

"America the beautiful."  Beautiful only because God has had His hand upon us for, lo, these many years!

Beautiful only to remain if we turn to Him and turn away from our wicked ways.
His mercy endures forever!

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