Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jesus...only Jesus!

Many years ago, I had one of those "Aha!" moments.  I was in high school and one of my English teachers was trying to get me to stop writing about Jesus and learn to write "anything else!"  It was quite a discipline to change something that I had done since I was about eight years old.  He finally coaxed me into writing on other subjects.  For several years following, I noticed that where I had once written almost daily, now I was only writing once in a while.  Then, looking back, there was almost three years where I had written nothing at all!
Once I made a conscious decision to write only for and about God, the words started flowing once again!  They were anointed once again.  The subjects that I wrote about upon encouragement of others I no longer desired to write about!  It has been only God and His wonders since then.  He is so faithful with leading, inspiration, encouragement and guidance.
Have you got a talent?  Do you have any special skills that would be called "God-given?"  Then make a decision to dedicate them to God and use them for His glory!  He will see that you are recompensed for it!

"Jesus, Jesus, all for You,
and no one else at all!
Obedient unto Your lead,
faithful to the Call!
Whatever talent I possess
came from You anyway!
You are the reason I advance
upon the Narrow Way!

Jesus, Jesus, all for You-
I dedicate once more
the talents You have given me
and those You have in store.
It is for YOUR glory that
these words fall into place;
it is for their benefit
that I record Your grace!"

I challenge you today to use your talents and your skills to glorify God and bring people closer to Jesus Christ today and every day!

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