Saturday, July 25, 2015

I don't understand!

"If you cannot explain it, it is probably not good for you..."
How many of us have missed out on "living" by clinging too tightly to that line?

"So much much more...
superior by far
is the life that You provide
and the gift YOU ARE!!
That which we receive from You
it is so very wonderful
and very far from "plain!"
Though I cannot describe You or
put Your ways into word,
it still remains the greatest "thing"
in this life that's occurred!
For I can do my very best,
Your wonder to convey,
and still not touch the mystery
"the Truth, the Life, the Way!" 

Untouchable is Father God,
the Spirit and the Son,
but they are ever-reaching out,
inviting us "Be one!"
So many are the blessings that
we CANNOT understand!
Blessings, o so beautiful-
the way that God has planned!

Have you avoided God because you saw or heard something that you just cannot understand?  Please don't let that rob you of a relationship with Him!  There are so many things that God gives me that I cannot explain.  I would embezzle my heart if I only accepted from Him that which I could explain!  God is so much more than that!

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