Monday, July 27, 2015

Healing freedom!

"Thank You, Lord, for saving me, healing me, blessing me and filling me with Your Holy Spirit!!  Because of that,

"I am healed, I am whole-

nothing hinders life!"
Years ago, I cried out "JESUS!"
and He took all strife!
Many years before that,
(even centuries ago!)
He cried out "IT IS FINISHED!" greater
healing for to know!
Because I am alive in Him
and He's alive in me,
I can have the confidence
that His Blood makes me free!
Free of the infirmities
and trials of the day?
No, but free of the afflictions of
the soul that be at bay!
The freedom in the healing that
is constant in His Own!
Surrender unto Jesus and,
in your life, this be known!!
Plenty to embezzle, oh,
but naught to penetrate
that Crimson shield around Your life
from Christ, so good and great!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!  There are words...sentences...verses that could go on and on and on extolling the wonders and the benefits of Him and the life that serves Him!  But they remain only words unless You ask Him into Your heart and Holy Spirit makes it all alive!  Do you know that life for yourself?  All you have to do is call out to Him today!

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