Friday, July 17, 2015


Early once again...
Gazing at life on this glorious morning, I look up and find a

Red-tail hawk circling
as only he knows how;
movement only to be that
which morning winds allow.
Even in the stillness he
can find the slightest gust;
even when the whisper's not
he exercises trust!

Creator God--so visible
above me in the sky.
Unto the very depths of me
His trust to prophesy!
Beholding stately hawk and his
great liberty to soar--
the same thing every saint will do
when this place is no more!!

O what a promise!  O what an incredible reminder!  O what a wonderful God we serve...those of us who have Him residing in our hearts!  He provides so many ways to assure us of Himself and His ways!

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