Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gone again

How fortunate and blessed are them that have all of their family near and 'available' at a moment's notice.  Those were "the good old days!"
With family dynamics the way they are these days, the children must find careers wherever they can find them.  Often, that means quite a distance from 'home.'

On the road once more.
"Success" is what it's for?
Here we go again-
she won't be back 'til 'when?'

What a blessing when she gets a break.
What a gift, the time that she does take
to make her way back home whenever she can-
the fun we have is more than any 'plan!'

Yes, there she goes once more.
That daughter we adore!
She's so successful there,
and we keep her in prayer!

If you are in a place where your kids still live near you, ENJOY THEM!  God may choose to bless them with employment that is far away.  I promise you will miss them!

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