Monday, July 20, 2015

Glory and honor and praise!!

O worship Him, praise Him and thank Him daily for Who He is and what He does...seen and unseen!

Glory and honor and praise-
worthy is He Who was slain!
Our hands and our voices to raise
over and over again!
The Son of the Father, the Father the Son,
He is exalted on high!
"And, with the Spirit, they all are One!"
Our lives and the Word testify!

Glory and honor and praise-
worthy is He Who arose!
We have a choice to accept Him,
yet WE are the ones that He chose!
The Prince of Peace, the King of kings,
He is our victory, aye!
He cometh within to rid us of sin
and give what none else may supply!

Glory and honor and praise!
Worthy is He Who awaits!
Soon, He's returning to take us
'yond, oh, the Heavenly Gates!
King supernal, reign eternal
where no one ever shall die;
for He is preparing a place for us each
where we shall finally fly!!

"Glory and honor and praise..." my soul and spirit ever sings to Jesus, looking forward to His coming soon! 
I pray that it is the song of your heart, as it will surely help get you through the moments, the days, the situations that remain in this place!

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