Saturday, July 18, 2015

Early in the early...

As I look over the words God has given me of late, it seems that they all either pertain to, or happen in, the morning.  Why is that?  Is it because 'morning' is a brand new start?  A new beginning?  Even the writers of old call Heaven "...a place where morning shall not end!"
And again, I find these words penned a few days ago in guessed it!

Early in the early,
the interstate alive.
Hurried are the multitudes,
trying to arrive!
Most are heading to a place
that they can't wait to leave...
early in the early-
but what can this achieve?

But early in the early
Jesus is alive!
I spend time in His Presence-
He sees that I arrive!
He causes me to make a difference
anywhere I go.
Early in the early-
success will this day know!

Early in the early-
Jesus and no other!
He knows what life requires,
He's closer than a brother!
He gets me where I'm going
by living in my heart;
Jesus in the early-
We'll NEVER be apart!

Yes, morning on the interstate.  As I gaze at the beauty of His creation, Holy Spirit causes words to flow that not only glorify Him, but also serve to encourage you as we face another day.

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