Thursday, July 2, 2015

Correct vision

"Another day."
"Here we go again..."

So many irritations...
He knows about them each!
He even uses them to instruct,
to perfect and to teach.
Some are even used to warn
lest tragedy occur.
So many "irritations..."
but is that all they were?

Looking back upon the day
with Jesus by your side-
did everything go 'perfect?'
Was it a 'simple' ride?
But in all things that happened
there is so much to learn.
I've only mentioned several,
and now it is your turn...

So many irritations--
mere 'opportunities'
for God to conquer or provide-
He is so good at these!
O tend unto the Master as
you press on through the days-
for He will bring you victory
in oh so many ways!

Do these words put a different perspective on your day?
Too often, we look at what happens to us or around us with our own eyes.  Our vision is VERY limited in that respect!  Ask God to share with you what HE sees.  It might just change the whole situation!

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